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christian louboutin outlet store industries such as clothing stylist, but at work but gradually realized that this is not their real interest. CHairEYES the creation and Zhou Yuan's hobbies have a great relationship. He has always liked the collection of glasses, in 2008, due to chance, he is located in Shanghai Xintiandi clothing store Glossy began to cooperate in the store to sell their own design glasses. The first glasses listed, he only placed in the store samples, limited to 100 for sale. Surprisingly, many buyers, which makes the week with confidence, gave birth to CHairEYES. CHEEREYES Eyeglasses (Photography / Hu Bingyin). Fan Bingbing, Cecilia Cheung, Sun Li, who have worn CHaiEYES series of sunglasses, many models are therefore quickly sold off the goods. Weekly brand of low-key, almost did not do a high-profile publicity, but did not affect its popularity. 'CHairEYES fashion as its brand name: the pace of fashion is always too fast, why not sit down and enjoy it?' The week before the interview, CHairEYES latest series 'Qing' just listed christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet located in the Bund old Terminal 4, the concept of lifestyle stores YAANG life to sell - Zhou Yuan is not long ago from the beginning of this brand integration shop with the designer. 'Qing' inspired by the 30s of last century, Shanghai grandfather grandfather left behind antique sunglasses, shape at the same time combined with Western fashion culture by the impact of the younger generation. The whole series of special custom sheet, amber, glass, hawksbill, emerald, gold and horns and other six Chinese traditional handicrafts for the design of the reference, the bridge of the nose to join the ancient Xiangyun engraving patterns, mirror the rear legs by adding coins pattern design, It seems do not have some fun. In addition to their own brand of design glasses, Zhou Yuan and local fashion designers such as Li Hongyan, Jiang Ling, etc. with the introduction of cross-border series, the most recent cooperation is a while back on the network CHAIREYES for Xander Zhou 2013 autumn and winter series discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet CHairEYES latest series 'Qing' (photography / Hu Bingyin). As early as 2012, Zhou Xiangyu released his autumn and winter series, Zhou Yuan began to design glasses for him. 'He will share with me the theme of this series, inspiration, etc., I will use the color and details of clothing to design the right glasses.' Zhou said, 'he tube his fashion, I control my glasses, but we In recent years, due to rising costs of handmade, CHairEYES glasses from the original price of 990 yuan rose to 1,290 yuan. The production of traditional handmade glasses is extremely time-consuming and manpower, scrapping rate is quite high, many brands began to switch to mechanical instead of hand-made, Zhou Yuan did not give up this process. 'In order to maintain the tradition of handmade glasses in the hinge fixed, we use the most primitive hand needle to fix the material and metal hinge part, so as to ensure the firmness of glasses.' He said, 'cost will naturally be much higher. Perhaps I am old-fashioned, perhaps I am old-fashioned discount christian louboutin