About Us

Perlinger Simmentals is a family farm founded by Clarence Perlinger in 1979 just a mile west of Handel Saskatchewan.  In 1981 Clarence and Nicole married and they have been operating the farm together ever since.  The focus of the farm has been to raise quality Purebred Simmental cattle to be used as breeding stock.  Over the past 20 years Clarence and Nicole along with their boys, Steven, Carl and Leo, have built a very strong herd of Black, Red and Full Fleckveih Purebred Simmental cattle.  Over the past ten years Perlinger Simmentals has grown their breeding stock and diversed from the traditional Fleckveih Simmental Cattle into the Red and Black Simmentals.  With some of the best quality blood lines in the industry Perlinger Simmentals is growing as a breeder.


Clarence and Nicole married in 1981 and have raised their family of three boys on the farm just outside of Handel, Saskatchewan.  Having grown up working with his dad on their mixed farm, Clarence developed a love for cattle and a desire to become a purebred breeder early in his life.  Purchasing his first purebred simmental cow in the late 1970s, Clarence has worked hard over the past 35 years to develop a strong purebred farm.  With the help of his boys and Nicole they have grown the herd to over 150 head of cattle with well over 80 purebred animals.

Wilf and Marie PerlingerIn 2001, Clarence's brother, Wilf Perlinger and his wife Marie, began building their herd of Purebred Simmental Cattle.  On a farm just west of Battleford, Saskatchewan, Wilf and Marie have developed a very strong line of purebred animals themselves.  Working very closely Clarence and Wilf work to grow their operation and improve the blood line of their herd.  Over the past 12 years Wilf and Marie's herd has grown and the quality of bulls and heifers produced has continuely increased.